InterDrone 2019 Speaker Slides

Assel Ayapova & Jesse Stepler - Scaling an Enterprise Drone Program

Michael Blades & Colin Guinn - Keynote

Bryan Bown - Taking Flight in Education

Jerome Bouvard - Parrot SDK

Italo Cruz - The Superintendent in the Sky

Data Panel - Hanno Blankenstein

Todd Colten - QQC the Easy to Use Open Source Ground Control Station for the PX4 Flight Stack

Mark Edward Davis - Aerial Cellular:  Tutorial for UAV operators considering cellular-based C2 links

Anthony DeMolina - Human Factors for Unmanned Aircraft

Anthony DeMolina - UAS in the Tactical Environment

Romeo Durscher - Wildfire Uav Deployments: What We Did and Learned at the Tubbs Fire, Carr Fire & Camp Fire

Romeo Durscher - Aerial Photography - Have Some Fun with Your Imagery

Romeo Durscher - Keynote

Romeo Durscher - Starting Your Public Safety UAV Program; Focus on Law Enforcement

Romeo Durscher - Handout 1

Romeo Durscher - Handout 2

Romeo Durscher - Handout 3

Romeo Durscher - Handout 4

Romeo Durscher - Handout 5

Romeo Durscher - Handout 6

Romeo Durscher - Handout 7

Romeo Durscher - Handout 8

Romeo Durscher - Handout 9

Baldwin Forrest - Drones in Agriculture: More Than a Pretty Picture

Luke Fox - Counter-UAS (C-UAS) Solutions – When Drones Are Not Welcome

Joe Fuller - End-to-End Aerial Data Solutions for Your Business

Christopher Grey & Sean Gordon - Drone Applications in the Building Industry: Using Thermal Imaging to Assess Building Performance

Steve Haston, Jon Bowers, Brooke Tapsall, and Brendan Stewart - Extending Your Reach: Drones as a Force Multiplier in Public Safety

Kayle Hope - Aerial Ethics

Rory Houston -Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technology’s Role in UAS Traffic Management

Mark Johnson & Abbie Lyle -Drone-Based Photogrammetry – Innovative Techniques & Approaches

Mapping Intensive - Chris Kahn

Mapping Intensive - Chris Kahn - Extras

Mapping Intensive - Marc Langley

Mapping Intensive - Marc Langley - Finalized Report

Dennis Mannhart - Developing Quality Solutions on Top of the PX4 Open Source Flight Stack

Brian Mckernon & Bryice Allcorn - Building the Safety Case: How to Identify and Mitigate Risk with Drone

Mike Meakin -The Application of Systems Engineering to the UTM Problem Space

MD Mehedi - Make Your Drone Fly Longer and Faster: A Materials Engineering Perspective on Drone Motors

Justin Moore - Drone Photography Basics

Adam Morrison - Unclassified: Enabling the Future of Things that Fly

Keenan Newton - Lessons from the Field: Learn What Has Worked Well and Not so Well with UAS on the Fire Ground

Godfrey Nolan -Adding AI and AR to Your Drone Mobile App

Godfrey Nolan - Getting Started with the DJI Mobile SDK

Edward Obropta - Guide to Using Drones to Increase Power Production and Lower Investment Risk on Solar Farms

Diana Robinson - Manatee County’s Game of Drones

Ramon Roche - Building Market-Ready Solutions with the PX4 Open Source Community

Matt Satterly -Integration Pilot Program (IPP) Panel Discussion

Patrick Sherman - Drones, Thermal Imaging and Emergency Response

James Spear - Preconference Workshop: Part 107 Training

Brendan Stewart - Building, Supporting and Scaling Interoperable and Proficient Pilot Networks

Vlad Shvartsman - A Toolbox to Protect Your Copyright

Katie Theilmeyer - Standard Test Methods for SUAS - Test Methods

Katie Theilmeyer - Standard Test Methods for SUAS - Intro

Katie Theilmeyer - Standard Test Methods for SUAS - Forms

Katie Theilmeyer - Standard Test Methods for SUAS - Overview

Cody Thomas - From Sky to Soil: How Drones Can Play a Larger Role in Conventional Farming

Anthony Vittone - Growing Your Drone Service Business: A Market Segment Perspective 

Tom Walker - Keynote

Paul Wheeler - Inspection Panel

Paul Wheeler - UAM